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"I look after my clients in the same manner that

I would like to be looked after." 


Our notary public office offers a wide range of non-contentious legal services such as real estate transfers, refinances, wills, powers of attorney, statutory declarations, affidavits, travel letters for minors, letters of invitation, notarization and certified true copies of documents for use in Canada as well as internationally.

Depending on the nature of your legal needs, we will ensure that your legal interests are protected, all documents are correctly prepared and properly registered, while making sure you understand the details of every single document before you sign.

Our Services:



Are you a first time home buyer? A notary public can help you take advantage of Provincial Property Transfer Tax exemptions. 



Have you ever wondered what will happen if you die without a will? A notary public can help you outline your wishes regarding the legal distribution of assets, ... 



Are you concerned about how to appoint a legal representative to manage your money, property, and finances as you age or as life changes take place? 



Do you need your signature attested? A notary public can attest to the validity of your signature on many different types of legal documents. 

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